Welcome To Hull Street Art

Hull’s burgeoning street art scene is to get its own digital platform, thanks to local creative agency, Drunk Animal. 

The well-known disruptive marketing agency, known for its involvement in the street art scene thanks to The Shorelines Project, has today launched Hull Street Art, a web platform that brings together all the street art that is scattered across the city. 

The easy-to-navigate website, which launches with over 100 of the city’s most iconic pieces, allows users to submit art to be featured on the site – a truly collaborative, user-generated model. Behind the scenes, the DA team plans to identify who’s behind the art, catalogue the piece, find out the context / inspiration and act as an online database of their works. 

It is hoped the site will be adopted by artists and art lovers alike, to celebrate the talent in the city and is being gifted to the city, free of charge. 

Calvin Innes, CEO and Creative Director at DA said; 

“Hull’s street art scene is fantastically diverse and the city is fast becoming known as a place where street art is appreciated, respected and encouraged. Our office is close to the Bankside Gallery area of the city and, inspired by the sheer volume of art that’s been going up over the last 12 months, we wanted to create something that could help showcase the talent in the city.”

“From Banksy’s Draw the Raised Bridge, to Dank’s Geisha or even Nohone’s Pride phone boxes, Hull’s street art often divides opinion, but no one can say we don’t have artistic talent in the city – it’s literally visible everywhere. The whole premise behind street art is to spark a debate or to shape a conversation, so if we can help facilitate that through our platform, then that can only be a good thing.”

He added; “What’s even more special about this website is that the idea came from the agency’s three apprentices, Archie, Adam and Aaron. Working alongside the wider team, our apprentices have imagined, designed, created and delivered this entire project; a fantastic achievement considering they only started with us in late 2020.”

Hull Street Art also launches with an interactive map where you can locate each piece of art across the city. For art lovers, the map serves as a perfect way to explore the city, now that COVID restrictions are being lifted. Accessed from your phone, tablet or desktop device, you can create your own routes around the city based on the art you want to view. 

The dedicated platform allows artists to upload their own work, along with descriptions  and locations ensuring that even the most hidden of pieces can be discovered, debated and enjoyed. What’s more, this platform will also act as an archive for the city’s art – so when something is painted over, the record of it in situ remains. 

For more information about Hull Street Art, or to submit your own pieces, visit hullstreetart.com or use the hashtag #hullstreetart.

You can also follow @hullstreetart on Facebook., Twitter and Instagram.